Latest Polls Show 90% Of Voters Worried About Inflation – Pessimistic About Economy

Not the we need polls to tell us the obvious, but the vast majority of Americans (over 90%) now rate inflation and the economic decline as their top worry going into the November mid-term elections.  This comes from the latest the latest POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, which traditionally tends to spin topics to the hard left, making the results all the more staggering. 

The poll also indicates that 10% more voters prefer Republicans to handle inflationary concerns instead of Democrats.  This may explain why leftists have started to back away from cultural topics in their campaign platforms, or are seeking to artificially tie culture war issues to economic issues.  The outcome of multiple polls leaning towards widespread economic fears among the public suggest an impending red sweep in November, and Democrats are clearly worried.

When it comes to voting this November, more than 80 percent of respondents said that the economy would play a major role in deciding who to vote for. Only 4 percent said it would play no role at all. Three out of every four Democrats and almost 90 percent of Republicans said it would be a major factor in their decision making.

Economic disaster, open borders, rising crime rates and rising poverty are now linked inexorably to the Biden Administration, and thus linked to Democrats as a whole.  In terms of inflation, Joe Biden has sought to mitigate the visibility of the crisis in the limited ways available to him, including his attempt to reduce gas prices by putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to increase oil output and his steady release of supply from the strategic reserves.  These measures have proven to be futile, with gas prices at the pump still around double the amount they were when Biden entered the White House.

Food prices and rent in particular continue to climb and these are the areas in which voters are hit hardest.  In the meantime, Democrats continue to push issues like climate change, abortion and "trans rights" which few Americans actually care about over their own pocketbooks.

The Politico poll also focused on what Americans believed was the cause of inflated prices.  Three-quarters of respondents said corporations price gouging, raising prices to unreasonable levels to turn a profit, was responsible for the current high inflation rate. Forty-four percent said corporations were very responsible. The blame was found in a majority of voters across generations, gender, race and party affiliation.

This suggests that the majority of the public does not actually understand the economic situation and the true causes of the current problem, though it is likely that Politico never mentioned government spending or Federal Reserve fiat printing in their polling questions.  If Americans actually believe that corporate "price gouging" is the real trigger behind the inflationary bubble, then the country is in real trouble when it comes to engaging people with solutions.  One cannot recognize the solution to a crisis without knowing the causes of the crisis.

Overall, polls indicate that Americans are fed up with the current trends set by Democrats and they are looking for an aggressive change.  However, the public remains uneducated on the root mechanisms associated with US decline, including the banking apparatus that engineered the crash in the first place.

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