Investigating Trump’s Trade War Through the Eyes of China

Five World-wide Hazards of the United States Launching Trade War Against China

In a blistering commentary (in Chinese), the Xinhua News Agency in Beijing, a government mouthpiece, announced Five World-wide Hazards of the United States Launching Trade War Against China.

The US government has not only launched a trade war with China, but has been escalating in depth and breadth, and there has been a trend beyond the scope of trade disputes. This has brought more and more uncertainty to the world’s prospects and has become a threat to global interests. A great bane of human well-being.

The US government’s thinking on China’s economic relations and trade bullying has produced or is currently producing five major world-wide hazards, affecting the international community’s perception and understanding of global governance and development.

Point 1: World Economic Growth

Point 2: Seriously Undermine the International Economic Order

Point 3: Creating a New Imbalance in the Global Economy

Point 4: “Destructive Government Variables”

Point 5: Indiscriminate Violation of Economic Sovereignty of Other Countries

Points Made

Trump has a point. But so does China.

National Security Mockery

Trump took national security and made a mockery of it.

Huawei is supposedly a national security threat. Yet, Trump is willing to include that in a trade deal.

Steel and aluminum are allegedly national security threats.

And what about the alleged national security threat of cars from the EU? No one in their right mind believes that.

Finally, on the verge of having a deal with Mexico, Trump conflated trade with border security.

Pack of Lies or Just Plain Stupid?

So which is it? A pack of lies or just plain stupid? Any votes for both?

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